Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Did The Weekend Go???

Did anyone else feel like the weekend zipped right on by???
Friday night I didn't do too too much. Just kinda hung out. But MAN were Saturday and Sunday CRAZY BUSY!!! Saturday I got up around 8:30AM got ready in like 10 minutes and headed over to Sheri's house. Once there I help Sheri get ready for her house to be shown which meant picking up everything and make the house look like a model home. Then around 10:15AM Sheri and I went out to go shopping. We went to Marshalls and I found A LOT of things that I LOVED - which is rare for me. So we bought $140 worth of clothes there for me. Then we stopped at Norstrom specifically the MAC counter so that Sheri could get some more foundation. Which ended with her getting a complete makeover and us seeing one of the models for their Sailor Mac Event tap dance. It was awesome! Then we went to rackroom and both of us got a pair of wedges- My first pair! Unfortunately I can't show them off yet because they had to order our size. But I promise when they come in I will! Then we topped off our shopping experience with a cup of Jo from Starbucks. After that we went to my grandma friends 50th Anniversary Surprise Party. It was fun and the food was delicious!

Sunday I woke up at 8:15AM went up stairs to take a shower and someone was already in the bathroom!!! Can you believe that??? Don't the people I like with know that I must take a shower?? Ha ha. So I waited until like 8:35AM to take my shower. Which means that I was right on time to church considering we only had 1 service this Sunday at 9:15AM since we would be having our Church Picnic at 3PM. The message was really good. Unfortunately, I wouldn't make the church picnic as I had to chaperon Abby's birthday party at Clay Bakers. The party consisted of 7 girls that had crazy amounts of energy and no volume control. But it was fun to see everyone hard at work painting the pottery they picked out. Then we got to sing, eat birthday cake, and open presents. Abby was thrilled with all the wonderful gifts she received. Her birthday is on the 13th of June so we shall see what she gets on her actually birthday. She is hoping for a Ipod Touch. After the party Sheri's neighbors invited us to eat some crabs they caught. Its was so yummy! Then we returned to Sheri's house and ate pot roast, edamame, grilled veggies and couscous. Then I headed back home and finished the night out watching Call Of The Wild Man-- that guy is crazy!!!!!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.
I can't wait for tonight I start a small group on Beth Moore's Jesus The One  and Only! 

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  1. Sheesh, I feel like that every weekend!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower! Hope you have a great rest of your week!


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