Monday, November 26, 2012

I Do What I Want

 Hey Y'all!
So I accepted the part time Physical Therapy Tech job. I am excited and nervous about it as I am more of a behind the scenes kinda gal not a people person. I guess if that make any sense. But God provided this job for me and I believe He did it for a reason. It is a great I hear as 2 of my friends from church work there. Everyone is so nice and it seems like an upbeat atmosphere which is always a positive. Plus it is Monday through Friday and Fridays are jeans days and we get off early Fridays which is super nice. Going back to work will be nice because it will get me back on a schedule. Please pray that my training goes well as I am anxious about it and have a lot to learn.
On another note. I know its a little out of date but I have been reading 50 Shades of Gray mainly to see what all the hype (negative and positive) is all about. Surprisingly the book has a plot and isn't all that bad I am currently on the second book. My take on it so far is both the main characters, Ana and Christian, are learning to compromise as they both are in love. I know that this is just a book and not at all realistic but it is entertaining. I think that readers need to realize that any love story as far as fictional books or movies are just that stories. I don't know why but every time I watch a love story I cry when they end up together. I guess I long to feel that kind of love. I long to be in love. I have always cried during love stories when they end up together - it is weird and I don't understand it. Love should make you happy. Maybe I react this way because of my life situation. The fact that I have had so many major and minor losses especially involving father figures. Maybe it is just a reaction to my lonely heart. I know that God loves me dearly unconditionally but yet.... I don't feel it. I know that I weep when I watch The Passion and I know that God loved me enough to come die for me when I didn't deserve it. But as far as visible, tangible, physical love I do not feel it. I hunger to feel it. I hunger to be desired to be wanted. Not always physically but just to be talked to, accepted. I want to fall in love with someone who loves me with all his heart. I am not perfect and have always said that I am indeed perfectly imperfect. Therefore I need a love that is forgiving. I don't know why I react this way its just weird and maybe I am the only one but thats just me. Anyways, I am reading this series because I want to read it. I would recommend it but again I am not forcing it on anyone. I am reading it because I wanted to form my own opinion I have read enough blog post about it to see the negatives and positives of it. Maybe because I am single it isn't that big of a deal or maybe its because I know its just a bunch of words in a book someone made up. This is my advice to you don't base your opinions on what others have said or written base your opinions on what you believe and think to be true. Read it or don't read it but you make that decision no one else. 
I hope y'alls thanksgiving and black fridays were well.
On November 30, 2012 there will be a guest post on here from Aunie from Aunie Sauce I highly encourage you to come back and check it out! She is super sweet!