Saturday, December 8, 2012

Alli Rogers Make A Way

Hey Y'all! 
So I don't know if you have heard about this website but you can download artists albums or demos. I just downloaded Alli Rogers Christmas album (well a couple of her songs from the album) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO DOWNLOAD HERE CHRISTMAS SONGS! I absolutely love her! Her lyrics always speak to my heartstrings. She is a christian artist. Please if nothing else go to noisetrade and just search Alli Rogers and listen to the songs. If you want to download it then just enter your email and zip and you will get an email with a link to download. Easy as that. Or her CD is on itunes. She is fabulous. I love her song Make Way it just is such a great reminder to forget about all the worlds stresses and make way in your heart to receive Jesus. Such a beautiful song. Please go check it out. 
Alli Rogers' Christmas
Here is what the Album looks if you want to get her whole Christmas album on iTunes for $9.90