Thursday, September 12, 2013

Encouragement For Today Devotional Review

I received this book from I was so excited when it came and I saw it wasn't available to the public until September 24, 2013. I really felt like I was a VIP. Anyway, back to the review!

This is a devotional is for women. It really is a devotional for everyday living. It has multiple authors (Renee Swope, Lysa TerKurst, Samantha Evilsizer, and the Proverbs 31 Team) which I love because it makes every devotional unique and gives a variety of writing styles and life experiences. The devotional is set up like this: 

Basically it starts with a title and the author. Then a little scripture passage and then the devotional. It ends with a 1-2 sentence prayer and then it has the following sections REMEMBER, REFLECT, RESPOND, POWER VERSES. I love these little sections. The REMEMBER section helps me take away the point and carry it with me for the rest of the day/week. The REFLECT and RESPOND sections are very similar they both ask questions, the only difference is the RESPOND section has some sort of action with it (ie- discuss, write down, fast, repeat a phrase etc). Then there is the POWER VERSE section which has scriptural references with powerful verses. 

Overall I love this devotional! I love that the devotional a are a  page or two. I love that it is written by multiple authors. I like that there are 100 devotions. I love the sections for each day especially the REMEMBER section. I like that any age women in every walk of life can take something away from this book.

More information on this book:
Publisher: Zondervan
For sale on: 9/24/2013
Pages: 224
Binding: softcover 
Cost: $14.99 though it is on sale for preorder on amazon for $8.99
ISBN #: 978-0-310-33628-0

I so hope you pre-order this devotional book. It is wonderful!!