Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Promise Box By Tricia Goyer SneezeBook Review

I received The Promise Box free from booksneeze in return for my honest review. This is the second book of the series Seven Brides for Seven Bachlors. I didn't read the first book but still understood everything. This books storyline caught my eye instantly. It was about 2 characters trying to discover the truth. The truth about faith and a relationship in God. The truth about Amish living. The truth about the past. The truth about scripture. The truth about themselves. And the truth about love.

Gideon, a bachlor came to West Kootenai, Montana for hunting season. He also came to discover the truth behind his past. 

Lydia Wyse, came to West Kootenai to bury her mother. Lydia was a book editor from Seattle who grew up Amish. When she arrives to bury her mother within the Amish community she longs to return and know God. But in order to stay she must write a book about returning to the Amish. 

Lydia is overwhelmed by God once she returns. He brings her a new insight. He brings her closer to her family...especially her mother. How? By her father giving her her mothers Promise Box. Where her mother writes about Gods promises and how he fulfills each. Lydia also meets Gideon and God draws them together on their journey of discovery. 

Read this book! It is one you won't want to put down. It will take you on an amazing journey! 

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