Saturday, December 20, 2014

BookLookBlogger Review of Hit

Book Description

After receiving a full-ride scholarship to Mills College for Girls, it appears Sarah's future is all laid out before her … that is until she walks into a poetry class led by Mr. Haddings, a student teacher from the nearby University of Washington. Suddenly, life on the UW campus seems very appealing, and Sarah finds herself using her poetry journal to subtly declare her feelings for Haddings. Convinced Mr. Haddings is flirting back, she sets off for school in the rain with a poem in her back pocket—one that will declare her feelings once and for all.
Mr. Haddings has noticed Sarah's attention; the fallout from any perceived relationship with a student is too great a risk, and he has decided to end all speculation that morning.
But everything changes when Mr. Haddings feels a thud on his front bumper when he glances away from the road, and finds Sarah in the street with blood pooling beneath her.
I received this book free from BookLookBlogger  for giving my honest review. To start I will say I didn't want to start the book because it was such a juvenile reading level. BUT I'm so glad I did. It was such an easy read that it was refreshing. You really feel for Sarah and Mr.  Haddings and their predicament. I though the charecter development, plot, climax, etc. were done very well. It didn't take me long to finish the whole book. Though when the end came I felt that I was left hanging which is unfortunate. 
I highly recommend this book it is a great storyline, simple to read, and short. I also recommend that you check out BookLookBlogger and sign up so I can read your book review.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Booklookblogger Review: Let's All Be Brave By Annie F. Downs

I received this book free from in return for an honest review.

This book is the first one I've read from author Annie F. Downs. It is one of those books that is so easy to read and relate to in some situations. It has a similar layout to a blog post style of writing. By that I mean there is a theme for every chapter but the mini stories and sections in each chapter are not chronological and tend to go back and forth at times. So I would suggest that you read each mini section afresh, like you are reading a new and exciting blog post. The overall book is about being brave when God may be calling on a different path than you are on. Being brave in the everyday moments. Being brave all the time. Annie (the author) make being brave seem tangible. She write this book it its simplest terms. Also, Annie works closely with college aged students and so she writes in such a way that everyone can relate and understand. If you are looking for deep insight into the call to bravery this book might not be what you are looking for. Though I would recommend reading it as a good basic book on bravery then dig deeper. It is one thing to read a book on such a topic as "Bravery" and one thing to apply and live it out. This book is also about faith and trust in God. I think everyone struggles with trust (I know I do) especially in God. But hearing Annie's testimony on where God has taken her because she trusted Him enough to let Him lead and to do His will (not her own) should be a  HUGE encouragement to you (I know it was for me).

Overall I would rate this book a 4 out of 5. I would recommend this book to you mainly for Annie's testimony woven throughout the book, You can totally read this book in one sitting because it is just an easy read. But I would recommend (if you do read this book) to keep a close eye on how Annie trusted God and was strengthened  and encouraged to be brave by Him.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

BookLookBlogger Review: The Integrated Study Bible

I received this Bible free from BookLookBlogger in exchange for my honest review.

I had a hard time navigating through this Bible. It made it a little hard to get into. But I love the fresh layout and parallels that it shows. This is definitely not for a new Christian. I think that a beginner would get frustrated and give up on reading the bible. With that said, for more seasoned Christians who want to go deeper into the word of God this may be a helpful tool. I think it is a good addition to the traditional bible and have used it side by side in studying the word. I strongly suggest going to a bookstore and looking at it before you purchase it to see if you like the structure. Again I highly recommend it to seasoned believers who want a new perspective on the traditional bible and who want to deepen their walk in the word. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BookLookBlogger Review: The One Jesus Loves

This book was sent to me courtesy of BookLookBlogger in return for my honest review.

It is by the author Robert Crosby and is called The One Jesus Loves. It has 272 pages and then discussion questions in the back of the book.  It is about the circle of people that surround Christ. There are 6: The crowd, The five thousand, The seventy, The twelve, The three and finally The one. See God created us to be relationship beings...not just with each other but with him (Creation with Creator).   

The gist of the book is our main pursuit in this life is to draw closer to God. The book clearly breaks down all the circles so that we can see and relate to them today. You will find yourself in each group at some point in time in your life. You may go back and forth between some and that is ok the main point is to want to draw closer to God. God wants intimacy with you and me. He longs to know you just like you long to know Him. He wants to hear about your day. He want you to read His word and seek/listen to Him speak to your heart. He wants you to learn and apply. To sit and eat with Him. He want your to deliberately and constantly seek Him moment by moment. He want you to want closeness withHim and   not just be in the crowds but be in His inner circles. Be His best friend. Be His Beloved.

This book will change your life. You will want a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus. 

This book is not written way over your head. It is an easy read but take it section by section and let its truth sink into your heart. Let it awaken and strengthen that inner longing for a deeper relationship with Jesus. Jesus can't wait to draw you close to Him. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The People Factor By Van Moody Review (BookLookBlogger)

Book Description

The relationships in your life will make the difference between happiness and misery.
The right relationship will launch you to the heights of achievement; the wrong one will tether you to mediocrity. Your relationships will be your sources of greatest joy and your venues of greatest pain. Van Moody says, “When people show you who they are, pay attention.”
We need to undertake the important task of evaluating our relationships intelligently. We need to recognize the people with whom God has called us to walk in mutually beneficial relationships and to identify those who will derail our destinies or hinder His purposes for our lives. It is high time we cultivate our Relational IQs, understanding not only how to build great relationships but also how to avoid or skillfully exit bad ones.
Van Moody saw this need every day of his pastoral life, but he could not find a concise, practical resource for people who need to become more relationally savvy. He needed a beyond-the-basics study guide for Relational IQ. The People Factor is his solution.
God works in our lives through our relationships. Yet, all too often, we get our relationship advice from the most toxic sources we can find. The People Factor is based on the most effective, trustworthy relationship book of all time: the Bible.
If you hunger for a richer, more fulfilling life, your Relational IQ is the place to start. If you put The People Factorprinciples to work, you will become stronger, happier, and healthier in all your relationships. You will be a better spouse, a better friend, a better boss, a better parent, and a better person. 
I think everyone needs to read this book. It is well written and has lots of great tips and quotes including:
- We all need dual  dimensions of relational love in our lives--a vertical love relationship with God and horizontal love relationship with other people
- But every relationship you have influences your life. There are no neutral relationships. Each one lifts you up or weighs you down. It moves you forward or holds you back. It helps you or it hurts you.
- The most important relationship of course, is a relationship with God, and then relationships with others.
- ...Seth Godin says: "Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Change the outcome by changing your circle."
- To build and maintain deep, substantive relationships, people must know themselves, be honest about themselves, and share their true selves with others. They need to be real; they have to be who they really are, with no pretense and no spin.
- To enjoy success in our lives and in our dealings with others, we need to thoroughly know our true selves and allow the right people to know us completely as well.
- Most people are quick to speak and slow to hear.

There is a lot to digest and chew on in this book so take it slow when reading. It has a lot of great tools as well such as questions to ask yourself and your friends. I don't agree with everything mentioned in this book but would recommend it to a friend. It is easy to understand and has clear points that you can take away. It does open your eyes to unhealthy relationships you may have in your life and helps you go about figuring out how to maintain good relationships and mend or break off bad ones. There were many good examples and stories to each point made which made it really stick. I really enjoyed this book and was thankful to receive and review it for BookLookBlogger

BookLookBlogger sends you free books for an honest review. Check out the link above for more information!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Review: Humility by David J. Bobb

I received this book courtesy of in return for my honest opinion. 
Summary given on booksneeze: 

Book Description

There is no formula for becoming humble—not for individuals, and not for nations.

Benjamin Franklin’s dilemma—one he passed on to the young United States—was how to achieve both greatness and humility at once. The humility James Madison learned as a legislator helped him to mold a nation, despite his reputation as a meek, timid, and weak man. The humility of Abigail Adams fed her impossible resilience. Humility of all kinds is deeply ingrained in our American DNA. Our challenge today is to rediscover and reawaken this utterly indispensable, alarmingly dormant national virtue before it’s too late.

In Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America’s Greatest Virtue, Dr. David J. Bobb traces the “crooked line” that is the history of humility in political thought. From Socrates to Augustine to Machiavelli to Lincoln, passionate opinions about the humble ruler are literally all over the map. Having shown classical, medieval, and Christian ideas of humility to be irreconcilable, Dr. Bobb asserts that we as a nation are faced with a difficult choice. A choice we cannot put off any longer.

My opinion of the book: To be honest I quickly lost interest in this book due to the political aspects given. I found that it was a lot of information jammed into a short book...I was exhausted mentally after each chapter. I also found that I didn't agree with some of the points made and that put me off mentally from really going in with an open mind. It was hard to apply some of the points to present day... I am not in politics or a leader within my day to day life and was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't apply the points given to my life. 

I thought overall the book was in simple words and easy to understand. But hard to apply to my life. I felt it was a lot of philosophy and not a lot of biblical backing- which I would of liked more. 

I personally would not recommend this book to a friend. I think there are plenty of better books on the subject of humility and/or humility in history. But if you choose to read it please don't let me stop you. Again, this is my personal opinion. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Booksneeze Review: Samson By Shawn Hoffman

Let me first say that I received this book free from in return for my honest opinion and review. 

Here is a brief description which I read on (I don't want to give too much away):

Book Description

During World War II, Jewish men were forced to box on Saturday night for Nazi entertainment. The winner got extra food. The loser went to the gas chambers.

The year is 1943, and Samson Abrams has just made a life or death decision, coming to the aid of a young Jewish boy being beaten by the Nazis. Before long, Samson’s entire family must board the train to Auschwitz.

As they arrive at the camp, Dr. Joseph Mengele, a man who will later go down in history as a person of pure evil, oversees the “selection” process. The young, weak, and elderly are all sent to their deaths. Samson tries to attack, but is calmed by Maximilian Kolbe, a Catholic monk also at the camp. For Samson, all of this evil reaffirms his belief that there is no God.

Samson is soon recognized as a 1936 Olympic boxing participant and is offered a deal: he can box for his life, but if he loses, he will find himself on Mengele’s experimental operating table.

Adding to the complexity is the slow renewal of Samson’s faith through his relationship with Kolbe. Here, he must somehow reconcile with God while he witnesses the violent, tortured deaths of so many.

A historic battle ensues with Hitler, Himmler, Höss, and many of the highest ranking officials in the Nazi Party watching... an incredible final fight which culminates in Mengele himself getting in the ring.

I was sucked into the story from page one. I didn't want to stop reading though the almost 400 page book did intimidate me a little when I received it. The story was well done, it was inspired by true events as you have probably already figured out. 

This book even though historical got me thinking what I would do if I were Samson. I tried to break down every big decision he made and reflect on how and what I would do in that situation. I found that I was both challenge and motivated by Samson in my everyday activities. Pondering whether I would risk it all for another. Fight or put my gloves down and accept defeat? Would I respond with fierce love for my family, friends, and strangers? I certainly hope so.

If you want to be inspired please read this book! If you want to see what this type of historical period was like; please read this book! If you want to fall in love with the main characters; please read this book! 

I hope it awakens a fighter in you!