Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Review: Humility by David J. Bobb

I received this book courtesy of in return for my honest opinion. 
Summary given on booksneeze: 

Book Description

There is no formula for becoming humble—not for individuals, and not for nations.

Benjamin Franklin’s dilemma—one he passed on to the young United States—was how to achieve both greatness and humility at once. The humility James Madison learned as a legislator helped him to mold a nation, despite his reputation as a meek, timid, and weak man. The humility of Abigail Adams fed her impossible resilience. Humility of all kinds is deeply ingrained in our American DNA. Our challenge today is to rediscover and reawaken this utterly indispensable, alarmingly dormant national virtue before it’s too late.

In Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America’s Greatest Virtue, Dr. David J. Bobb traces the “crooked line” that is the history of humility in political thought. From Socrates to Augustine to Machiavelli to Lincoln, passionate opinions about the humble ruler are literally all over the map. Having shown classical, medieval, and Christian ideas of humility to be irreconcilable, Dr. Bobb asserts that we as a nation are faced with a difficult choice. A choice we cannot put off any longer.

My opinion of the book: To be honest I quickly lost interest in this book due to the political aspects given. I found that it was a lot of information jammed into a short book...I was exhausted mentally after each chapter. I also found that I didn't agree with some of the points made and that put me off mentally from really going in with an open mind. It was hard to apply some of the points to present day... I am not in politics or a leader within my day to day life and was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't apply the points given to my life. 

I thought overall the book was in simple words and easy to understand. But hard to apply to my life. I felt it was a lot of philosophy and not a lot of biblical backing- which I would of liked more. 

I personally would not recommend this book to a friend. I think there are plenty of better books on the subject of humility and/or humility in history. But if you choose to read it please don't let me stop you. Again, this is my personal opinion. 

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